Official bodyguards are often called "guards" who provide personal security for the country's political leaders. For example, the United States Department of Homeland Security Secretaries Secret Service, the German National Criminal Police General VIP Protection Agency, Russia's Federal National Security Agency, and so on, these "guard" status is usually a professional soldier, agent or police officer.
Private bodyguards belong to the concept that most people think of as "bodyguards" in a narrow sense. They are usually paid to provide personal and property security for their employers. Compared with the official bodyguard, the narrow-sense bodyguard has a wider identity source. Some of them come from military schools, retired athletes, police academies, veteran soldiers, sports schools and so on. Because of the complex sources, the narrow-sense bodyguard will have a certain gap compared with the official bodyguard, which is inseparable from politics. The relationship.
The rise of private bodyguards in modern society has its own special reasons. With the rapid development of the economy, the material wealth of the society is greatly increased and the polarization between the rich and the poor is also intensifying. A large number of private entrepreneurs, performers and other high-income professionals have become emerging rich class. Statistics show that the number of billionaires in China is tens of thousands (the number of billionaires in China ranks second in the world in 2013, about 157, 10 more than in 2012), and is increasing at a multiple rate every year; millionaires and millionaires are countless. The widening gap between the rich and the poor has led to a substantial increase in violent cases such as kidnapping, extortion, extortion and robbery against the rich.
These cases of misappropriation and injury against the rich reveal the rise of private bodyguards in modern society. In most capitalist countries, the establishment of commercial institutions to provide personal security services is permitted by law. In the United States, for example, private bodyguards have become a huge industry, with a security business turnover of more than $500 billion. In today's western countries, private bodyguards have become a common occupation like lawyers or doctors.
The content and duty of the bodyguard is to provide legal protection for the personal safety of the customer, and to use legal means and measures to protect the customer from illegal violations of personal safety. Bodyguards provide personal security services for guests. They are engaged in social work. While providing personal security services to customers, bodyguards maintain the stability of social order from the side. From this point of view, private bodyguards should be a positive factor to maintain social security and stability, but not a negative factor.
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