There is a very important criterion for the level of national security, that is, the popularity and level of technical defense. For our country, it is also a general trend to take the technological development of the security service industry.
First of all, the scientific and technological development of the security service industry is a realistic need for economic development and social order. The reform and opening up and the construction of the socialist market economy have made great achievements, the total wealth of the society is increasing rapidly, the people, the money and the logistics are becoming more and more frequent, and the large meetings and commercial activities are increasing, all of which have raised higher requirements for the public security. And with the relaxation of policies and rapid economic development, social strata are constantly differentiated, interests tend to diversify, various social contradictions are more complex, and the activities of hostile forces at home and abroad, separatist forces and some terrorist organizations and cult organizations have become increasingly rampant, making the social security situation more complicated. In the face of such a severe public security situation, coupled with the serious shortage of police force, the police are inevitably struggling to maintain social security and stability.
If the security service industry can change the traditional way of civil air defense and replace it with technical defense and the combination of civil defense and technical defense, it can not only protect the safety of the personal and property of the customer, but also provide the effective technical platform and information platform for the police to realize the protection of the social security and the power of the public security attack. Then, the limited police force should be concentrated in the fight against crime to maximize the deterrence of the people's police.
Secondly, the scientific and technological development of the security service industry is the need to cope with the WTO entry. Facing the strong impact of foreign security services, the only way out for China's security service industry is to speed up the pace of science and technology, especially the research, development and transformation of new security technology, and the manufacture and application of sophisticated technical defense products. On the basis of land and human resources, we should seize the market of technology and defense in the domestic security service industry as soon as possible, and comprehensively enhance the level of science and technology in the security service industry. This not only needs to completely change the traditional mode of security service industry, but also to realize the industrialization of the security service industry and make it a new economic growth point.
Finally, the scientific and technological development of the security service industry is a need to save manpower, capital and efficiency. The traditional security service industry is mainly civil air defense, with a large amount of manpower input as the basic conditions. However, with the rise of the labor price, the advantage of the cheap air defense is not obvious, and the surveillance surface of the civil air defense is narrow, which makes a lot of human resources invested, but it is difficult to form a "not missing" security network. And technical defense to its accuracy, efficiency and economy and other advantages, the use of technical defense facilities not only save a large number of manpower and capital, and greatly improve the efficiency of work, reduce the risk of infringers on the personal and property of customers, safeguard their safety and maintain social stability.
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